Gear video

A “quick update” …. well, sort of quick as it took a couple of hours to get the video “sorted” and uploaded. Then, I had to break it down into two parts  (our internet speed is -0 :@). I tried to keep everything close up – so I could keep both dog and sheep in the frame but “as you will see” … I didn’t succeed (guess I better not quit my day job :@).




If you watch you can see how when the sheep stop he doesn’t keep walking (on the cross drive). Sometimes I have to flank him away from the eye to get him going again. As much as he likes to control sheep he’s so biddable he’s willing to release pressure when asked (always a good thing). He’s still not “pushing on” like I want but he’s always trying. He doesn’t have this issue on the fetch so I think age will improve it.

I will try and get a video of Tech to show the difference between him and Gear (this is what most people wanted to see). He is all forward and less “catch eye” than Gear. He controls his sheep as well but always with a forward motion.

Gear is 1 1/2 (Tech is a couple of months younger).

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  1. shari says:

    Thank you for offering the video to allow visual guidance! Wonderful resource!

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