A: Outrun work (confrontation dog)

OK, We have worked on our “confrontation dogs” flanks and will now incorporate them into his outrun.

Remember he isn’t coming in because of eye but because of attitude … he doesn’t have the kind of eye that will make him eye up and creep so we don’t have to worry about that aspect. He has a desire to control the sheep and as soon as he looks (and usually only when they “look back”) does he tend to want to come in.

So, first thing to remember when training … don’t send him to the heads (until you are comfortable you can control this situation). He will be less inclined to come in when he doesn’t see heads. Second thing is try to always  have the sheep’s heads moving AWAY from him (NOT coming towards you). This will help make him release pressure on his own and kick out.

Also try and set him up wide at the beginning of the outrun … the greater distance he is away from their heads the less confrontation he will feel.

So, send him and start walking toward his sheep  if he looks in give your “out” command to turn his head away from the sheep. If he doesn’t take the verbal out … down him … keep walking until you are even with him (don’t walk toward him – walk toward the sheep) and give a correction … I said OUT … and then flank him. Again, don’t stop walking … keep walking toward your sheep and repeat as needed.  You really don’t want to down him but if you can’t get your “out” correction verbally you will have to turn it into a physical correction.

We will work more on the outrun of this dog as issues come up during lessons.

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